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Open invite for pig hunting in Southern, MO

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T Kehl:
I'd like to invite any board members interested to join me pig hunting on public land in southern MO.

I plan to go out quite a few days this coming year mostly on weekends once the garden is going good.  (Unless my employer implements a work week reduction that is on the table.   ::) )

I'm not a diehard hunter and consider it a good day just to walk in the woods.  Keep in mind, public land hunts often end up as busts.

Deer may only get two weeks, but hogs are always in season in MO!

I'm in.

Just say when & where & me & the longbow will be on the way. ;)

T Kehl:
Sounds good! 

Send me some dates once you have a few, I am always up for flattening a hog or two.

Yea if you got some dates there I'll be there around may 1st permanently  full time


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