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Vote for Your Favorite "If I Wanted to Save America Video"

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Coin toss between Dene B. and mozartsgokart IMO.
I loved the graphics in the first, and the word art in the second was really something else. If that word art program can substitute pictures for words in certain places, and then at the final zoom out have the collage of images peppered into the word map, that would really be awesome.

All three are very good (and are all way better than I could have done).  Had to choose one from the three, though.  Don't want to skew others' votes, so I'll keep my choice to myself for now.



Much Respect for all three. 

Voted and shared on Facebook.  Hope to help get the message out.  Thanks Jack!!!

Not sure which is best - I know which one I liked - but this speech with the right video is quite powerful.


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