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Race issues: This is NOT a "whites only" forum!

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What they said :P

The hatred towards preppers is one of the 5 steps of denial... of course marketing is a great way to invalidate someone you disagree with.  The stereotype is just another way to try to "scare" people from opening their eyes.

Second time I've typed this today:
I love this crowd

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: ttubravesrock on January 31, 2012, 01:35:05 PM ---I suppose that there really are people like that... Was there a specific incident that triggered this post?

--- End quote ---

Yes, but I'd rather not go into the details.  This is a pretty rare occurence here -- TSP tends to attract very good people almost all the time.  I just wanted to put up a clearly-visible notice, for those few people who think we are something that we are not.

When you post on an online forum, no matter the type of forum, you express an opinion and you're pressen tation is only in the form of words. If someone start assuming things about you, then they are trying to find a reason behind your opinion, trying to label you in a group. Basically you have no reason to ever start guessing who's writing what, what gender are they or what colour.

The meaning of forum [pl:fora] is "A meeting or opportunity for an exchange of views." - Not a place to presume things based on opinion.

I have to say, this is one of few forums that I belong that race rarely if ever comes up in any topic. Even general news about race, it just isn't a topic here. It's nice to see a group that even when they disagree strongly would rather work towards a goal than try to break it's members into splinter groups. Everyone here brings something to the table and appreciates what is received, it's hard to say that about people i know ,even some in my own family. i have the empty wallet and as much as i hate to admit it, grudge to prove it.

What would make any racists want to try to recruit here? You have to be a total bunch of morons to try to find racists in people you have never seen ::)

The ONLY time we could possibly need a whites only board is if we are talking about cooking with eggs. Or perhaps I am just cracked and the yoke is on me...   ;D


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