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Iowa Silver?

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I wanted to get a thread started so people could list were they buy and sell there silver in Iowa.

I'm new to the area and I'm looking for new places to go.

Good post.  I just moved back here and I'm looking for a place to buy too.  I know there is a coin shop in Oskaloosa.  I think its called McKee Coins?  I've never bought anything there, and I haven't darkened the door in years but I plan to go there soon, so I'll let you know what he has there. 

Thanks Joe

I live in Western Iowa, I'm thinking about looking at a few coin shops in Omaha

Hello again and welcome back.  I usually get mine from a business in the Westroads called American Coin and Currency.  Not sure if they are the best prices around but they are comparable.  Their standard for silver is spot price + $2 per ounce for bullion of all kinds and then they have Eagles and such for anywhere from $22 - $28 for most. 

Hope that helps.

If you find something better let me know.

I will check that out for sure.


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