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Ideas for securing the house in a bug-in situation

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And for my first real post...I did some searching, but didn't see anything that satisfies my question.

I have a typical split level two story house and I'm working on an idea for securing it in a bug-in situation.  Skip the property (for now), for starters I'm just focusing on the house and how to keep it secure and my family safe.

There are no points-of-entry on the sides of the house, so I only need to worry about the front and the back.  At the front, I have the front door (ground level obviously), garage doors (2) and windows (1st and 2nd floors).  Out back, there are windows (1st and 2nd floors), one steel "person" door (1st floor, off garage) and a glass sliding door (2nd floor off deck, with stairs to ground level).

The question...what is the best way to secure the house?

I have one concept and two ideas.  My concept...and I'm new to all of this, so my concept is from an to secure the points-of-entry on the first floor and leave only one entry/exit at the front and one at the back.  So that narrows things down to two areas to defend and (hopefully) always one way to escape. 

* My first idea is to put plywood over everything on the first floor besides the front door and the rear slider.  So cover the windows, garage doors and back door.  Two completely separate, independent points-of-entry in two separate directions.

* My second idea is to secure (again with plywood) all points of entry on the first floor (including the stairs to the deck) besides one garage door and the steel door off the garage.  So have two points-of-entry from two locations but feeding into one choke point.  As I see it, this is easier to defend, but also harder to escape from.
Other info that might be handy

* I live in generic suburbia... so my back yard empties into my neighbor's back yard.  Easy to escape in any direction (or have bad-guys approach in any direction).

* My backyard is fully fenced and my deck gives me easy access to my roof
Any pointers, ideas, suggestions, lessons-learned, don't-do's...are appreciated.

AZCeltic formerly occeltic:
Wow Onug, you are way ahead of me for sure! I always told myself that I would choose one room in my house that would be made a safe room. Not only would I fortify the door by upgrading it from the current hollow core wood, I would also equip my room with food, a small frig, small coffee maker, etc., as well as items for defense.
I like your ideas, but to fortify the whole house would be quite the undertaking. Unless you install fortification on all the windows and doors ahead of time, how are going to find the time when you are facing possible threats?
It would be good to hear you elaborate on the possible threats you believe you may have to face in your situation, and what led you to come up with your ideas.

Good luck!


Here is an copy and past from our site "The Survival Summary" It outlines our setup for our house security.

   [*]All windows armored with anchored C.R. LAURENCE 995W CRL White Dow CorningĀ® 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive High security window ballistic Film Class 336 (SIZE 5FEET X 10FEET ROLL) with home / office installation kit and instructions - window security film, ballistic film - color clear
[*]I installed myself
   [*]Visonic Powermax Security System Kit alarm system on all doors windows (self installed)
[*]4 Visonic K9-85 85lb Pet-Immune Dual Technology Digital Motion Detector
   [*]4 glass break sensors
   [*]2 Visonic MCT-442 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
[*]TODO (later): buy Visonic MCT-550P Wireless Flood and Water Detector
[*]1 Natural Gas (Methane CH4) Detector
   [*]4 Medeco Double Cylinder Medeco High Security Patriot Maxum Deadbolt and handles
[*]These locks can be bumped, picked or a copy of your key could be made from plastic and used with a paper clip to defeat the sidebar.
Bump Key HOWTO
   [*]So it appears that all locks can be opened. Here is how I rationalize this. If a run-of-the-mill bad guy walks up to my house and sees the sticker above the locks that says "Medeco High Security Locks", alarm stickers on the windows, motion sensors and a large barking German Shepherd. I think he/she might move on to my neighbor that doesn't even have a deadbolt on their front door or leave doors and windows unlocked. They would have to have good intelligence on very high valued goods in our house to make the risk/reward formula work out in their favor.
   [*]1 German bred German Shepherd
[*]I trained myself
   [*]2 Chamberlain Wireless Pedestrian & Vehicle Alert System with 2-Way Voice Communication and Remote Control - One for the front and back doors.
   [*]3 100 watt compact fluorescent light bulbs in the front yard on all night
   [*]1 150 watt motion light in the backyard
   [*]TODO: buy 4 80 LED Solar-Power Motion-Activated Outdoor Light (Black)
   [*]1 Royal 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder
[*]We shred all of our personal mail and also use the shredding for the guinea pig cage.
   [*]TODO (later): buy and install the Epoch #7106 Black Mail Boss Mailbox
   [*]TODO (next): Q-See QSC48030 High Resolution Weatherproof CCD Camera w/80ft of Night Vision (Color)
   [*]1 OnGuard 5018HD Beast Chain Bicycle Lock (160cm x 11mm) to lock up the generator when used outside.


3/4" plywood covering all windows and secondary doors is perfect.  This is something you should already have precut and ready to hang at a moments notice.

For the front door I would add some kind of drop bar.  Either made of metal or 2x4s.

So far the weakest point on your house is that sliding glass door.  I would completely cover one side of the slider with plywood and 2x4s.  Possibly hanging another sheet of plywood on hinges, covering the other slider, acting as a door over your door.

It is so easy to break into a home that is conventionally made if you want to.  In short, do the usual stuff with locks and what not, but to secure a home against a SHTF scenario, will be tough.  Ultimately, a shotgun or three pointed out the upstairs windows will be the best security system you could get. 

I have thought about this for my home, but came to the conclusion that it will be impossible.   If you piss off the crooks, they will just burn you out!  Best to just keep it looking like all the other houses, with normal precautions, and be waiting with a shotgun as mentioned above.   Better yet, have your whole neighborhood waiting and ready to pounce if any individual gets attacked! 

I almost think a tight neighborhood like you have is better than a remote location where you are all on your own from an attack standpoint (assuming the neighbors watch out for each other). 

In the country, they may not even know you exist - but if they know you do, you may be the only (or one of only a few) targets.    In a suburb, your one of 10 thousand other homes in which they have to choose.  Chances are, they won't bother you unless they have a reason to.  Like you live in a high-end home or somehow show you have something they want. 

If things get lawless, and thugs are running rampant, it is not going to be easy to protect from this scenario without guards.


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