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My latest newsletter for Western Botanicals.

Allergies Are in the Air

Spring is in the air and while many of us look forward to spending more time in the sun as the trees and flowers burst forth with new life, others are experiencing an inward dread of the coming of allergy season, complete with itchy eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure and generally not feeling very well.  It is interesting that the old medical literature of 100 years ago rarely talked of allergies as an ailment that needed to be dealt with.  Yet today allergies are one of the most common maladies suffered by modern Americans. Allergy medication every year is among the top five best selling drugs and if you count asthma, eczema and food allergies, almost one out of three Americans has some sort of allergy.  It is believed that the rise in allergies is due to changes in our lifestyles and habits.

The best theory on the cause of allergies that I have come across is related to an imbalance in the functioning of our adrenal gland. When the adrenal gland is weakened or becomes under-active due to prolonged stress (from a number of factors such as poor diet, inadequate sleep and rest, and emotional stress), the adrenal gland cannot keep up with the demands put on to control the inflammation within the tissues caused by stress.  This can result in asthma, eczema (blistered and weeping skin) and hay fever. The adrenal hormones also regulate such functions as sugar balance, mineral balance and sexual development. As a result of weakened adrenal function many of the systems of the body can be affected.  All of the hormones made by the adrenal gland are manufactured from cholesterol. 

By eating a diet that has too little of the healthy fats (from fish, meat, butter, whole milk and healthy non-processed oils), we may be depriving our body of the nutritional building blocks to make vital hormones.  In our “fat paranoid” culture, fat is positioned as the enemy but the truth is that all healthy cultures have valued healthy fats (predominately from animal sources) to build health.  The real culprit to our obesity is not natural fats, but refined carbohydrates (sugars and flour), processed foods, over-eating and not enough exercise. 

The adrenal glands also rely on Vitamin C complex.  This is not to be confused with taking vitamin C in some form of ascorbate.  The body needs the whole vitamin C complex from whole natural sources rather than some chemical derivative (ascorbic acid or one of its cousins such as calcium ascorbate, which comprise only about 4% of the total vitamin C complex).   

The adrenal gland is very sensitive to blood sugar levels and when you consume refined carbohydrates (foods made with white sugar and white flour like breads, pastas, sweets and treats), these refined carbohydrates add additional stress often resulting in a worsening of allergies.  The link between high blood sugar levels and allergies has been well documented in many human and animal studies.

The conventional drug therapy for allergies is to take some sort of cortisone, which may offer temporary relief, but further suppresses and weakens our adrenal glands.  By approaching allergies from a nutritional and supplement program we can rebuild and rebalance the adrenal glands.  If allergies are symptoms of weakened adrenal glands, it makes much more sense to correct the underlying cause rather than trying to continually modify the symptoms.  The good news is your symptoms can be relieved and controlled through healthy natural approaches as you rebuild and strengthen your body.

• Absolutely avoid all refined carbohydrates including bread, pasta and sugar, as well as most sweet foods such as maple syrup and fruit juices, while any allergic symptoms are present.
• Avoid foods that increase estrogen in the body such as soy containing foods which aggravate allergies.
• Use Bone broths and natural sea salts (Celtic or “Real Salt”) to aid in mineral balance.
• Eat whole natural foods that are naturally rich in healthy fats (animal fats, fish and their oils, egg yolks, whole raw milk, coconut, olive and flax oils) to help rebuild your adrenals.  Remember quality meats, eggs and fats should be from healthy natural sources that are free from hormones, antibiotics, etc.
• Eat foods high in the full vitamin C complex such as sprouts, sauerkraut, raw milk and fresh berries.
• Don’t overeat.

For Seasonal or Environmental Allergy Relief
To help "immunize" yourself against hay fever from pollen, eat 1 tablespoon of raw honey (locally produced if possible) with the addition of about 1/2 Tablespoon of fresh bee pollen.  Start with a few granules of bee pollen and gradually increase to the full dose. This can make a big difference fairly quickly.

Building Strength and Support
Build and strengthen your adrenal glands by using an herbal supplement like Western Botanicals Line of Products for those with allergies:
For most people, I recommend the following:
Take either
• Super Adrenal Formula (1 to 2 dropperfuls 3 times daily)
• Ginseng Plus Formula (same dosage for liquids or 3 capsules 2x daily)
And take
• Nature’s C Complex– complete Vitamin C complex from all natural sources (1 or 2 capsules 3 times daily)

Then for relief of symptoms:
Take either
• Allergy Formula Capsules – for hay fever symptoms
• Sinus Allergy Formula – if sinus pressure and congestion are your main symptoms
• Allergy Formula Syrup for children with allergies

For Food Allergies
Try our Digestion Aid Formula AND our Liver/Gallbladder Formula (as directed on label).

These are general recommendations that many people have enjoyed success with.  As always consult with your health care practitioner before your begin any new supplement or program.

Most people get significant relief from this regimen after about three to four weeks.  Some “acquired” allergies (those that you are not born with) can be more resistant and result from what I refer to as a programming problem.  Fortunately, there are natural treatments that can desensitize you from foods and substances that you may have developed an allergy to. 

While millions suffer from allergies, it is comforting to know that you don’t have to be one of them.  By taking a few simple steps, you can enjoy the sweet smells of a glorious Spring.



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Thank you so much! I had already implemented some of what you said by learning from other sources. Like staying away from soy and white bread and eating better and have noticed a difference but I had no idea about the difference between Vit C and C complex vitamins. I'd love to get off the steroids and the other junk the doctor gives me.

Go for it OKGranny.  Often simple changes and course corrections can have profound results.   :)

What a great article! Thank you. How would I go about getting a copy of the articles that you mentioned? I am quite interested in the thyroid and adrenal fatigue one! Thanks so much. I just started reading Nourishing Traditions and it has opened my eyes to so many things.


send me an email to and I will forward the articles to you.



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