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Iowa "shall issue" legislation

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Todd R:
If you live in Iowa, this should be of interest. This is a great opportunity to take back one of the many rights the government of our fine state has stolen from us!

(Copy & paste from

Yesterday, HF 2528 and 6267XS were introduced. These bills are companion bills introduced by the House and Senate leadership (McCarthy and Gronstal). They contain the exact language originally submitted in HF 2255 - before the horrible Olson changes. This is the bill - the one we are supporting!

Start making polite and respectful phone calls and sending emails to your Representative and Senator. Do both and get your friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters to do so too. The message is simple, "Please pass (HF 2528 in the house, and 6267XS in the Senate) as written - with no amendments!" This is the language we want and messing with it will only open the door for others to mess with it as well.

On the House side, the HF 2528 has been assigned already to a subcommittee of the Public Safety Committee - comprised of Lykum, Baudler, and R. Olson. Olson will try to change this bill in subcommittee! He's already said so! In the most respectful way possible we have to try to stop this from happening. So, make polite and respectful calls and send emails to these three gentlemen as well! Same message! No amendments!!!

This is a great opportunity for Iowans to get Shall Issue. These bills have a real chance for passage. But, we all have to do the work that will push this over the top.
(end of copy & paste) can generate the appropriate emails for your Representatives and Senators at the link below.

Thanks to everyone taking action on this issue!

I got something similar from

This isn't a bad bill, but it isn't the real right to carry bill that Iowa Gun Owners should be pushing for... that is bill HF 596, which is patterned after Vermont and Alaska.

Regardless... keeping the pressure through email and phone on all gun issues might help get something done.

Did anything ever come of this?
Has the vote taken place yet?

Yes. I was present at the signing of the bill.  Go to for more info. On 1/1/2011 it goes into affect.

Todd R:

--- Quote from: ORherbalmed on May 10, 2010, 06:22:16 PM ---Did anything ever come of this?

--- End quote ---

Gov. Culver signed the bill on Thursday, April 29th and it goes into effect 1/1/2011. Iowa permits will be valid for five years rather than one, training and qualification will be standardized across the state rather than established by each countys sheriff, an appeals process is in place in the event of a denial (before if you were denied, you were SOL), and this bill should also lead to more reciprocity for Iowa permit holders. All in all, a pretty good bill for Iowans.


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