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Spring Cleaning


As follows is my latest article I write for Western Botanicals - for any that may be interested.

Spring Cleaning

Ah Spring!  Life awakens from its Winter slumber and renews itself once more.  So what are your plans?  Are you just bumping along or have you started listing your Spring and Summer adventures.  I have observed with others, that we are not as old as our parents were when they were our age.  Meaning, of course, that many of us are more active, healthier and in fact are biologically younger than our parents were at the same age. 

What a wonderful blessing good health is.  I am amazed at the resilience of the human body.  The abuse it can withstand and keep on going.  Likewise, I am astounded at the body’s ability to restore, heal and rejuvenate itself.   I remember talking with a patient of mine whose health was so poor that when she would go to visit her grandchildren in the next town, it took so much energy just getting out to the car at home, that by the time she got to the grandkids, she would have them come out to the car for a visit.  This story broke my heart.  On the other hand, I have another friend, who well in to his 70’s, regularly goes to his church and plays basketball with men and boys that are a fraction of his age.  And he definitely holds his own on and off the court. 

Here’s my point: Life is so grand and glorious that to fully experience it, you need to enjoy health to the highest degree you can.  Regardless of disability and disease history, you can enjoy renewed and better health.  Our Spring, Summer and Fall need to be full of all kinds of activities that will work our muscles, flex our minds and renew our spirits.
Let me share with you a few tips that to many of us may be self evident, but reminders are usually in order.
Diet & Nutrition
Eat whole natural foods.  Gone are the days when junk food was simply empty calories devoid of nutrients.  Today the chemical climate of food is much more sinister.  70% of the food in the grocery store contain genetically modified foods (GMO’s), which are not labeled, have not been sufficiently scientifically tested.  The limited research that has been done on GMO’s seems to suggest that GMO’s are both un-nutritious and potentially unsafe. Perhaps this is why they are referred to as “Frankenfoods” in Europe.

Our foods should be as close to what nature intended.  Meat should be organic, milk should be raw, fruits, vegetables and grains should be grown without harmful fertilizer, pesticides or other toxins.  Support your local farmers market.  Most local farmers at the market are not willing to pay the money to become certified organic, but their growing practices are generally very clean.  Talk to them.  It is nice being on a first name basis with the people who grow your food.

   While convenience is a major attraction for all of us, you must understand that you can be sacrificing health for convenience.  Eating foods that contain even very low doses of chemicals, preservatives, flavor enhancers, or genetically modified foods can have a cumulative effect, which can erode our health almost imperceptibly.  It is kind of like water wearing down a stone.  Eating healthy costs less than buying prepared foods or going out.  It does however take some planning.  If you are serious about eating only healthy food and saving money, there are many ways to do it. 
Supplements to Restore your Health
One of the best measures of good health is vitality.  Do you wake up in the morning ready to take on the new day?  Are you happy?  Do you have energy or are you frequently tired?  We all want to enjoy a life that is full and unrestricted by poor health, low energy or disease.  Please let this letter serve as a call to take your health back.  Last month I quoted the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, saying, that “All Disease begins in the Gut”.  This is where you start.  As follows are some of Western Botanicals herbal formulations that will help get you started. 
Colon Cleanse/Colon Detox – clean up the sludge in your bowel that is robbing you of your energy and vitality.  Our colon cleanse program will fill you in on how best to safely and effectively cleanse your colon.  Colon Cleanse is also appreciated for restoring energy quickly.
Anti-Parasite Formula – we sell so much of this to Christian missionaries traveling the world, but to tell you the truth, we need to be selling a lot more of it here.  I recommend this for everyone at least once or twice per year.  4 or 5 capsules in the evening for two weeks can lift the fog from your head and bring on the urge to get out and enjoy life.
Liver-Gallbladder Formula – the liver is like a garbage disposal.  It grinds up toxins breaking them down so they can be eliminated.  It makes sense to sharpen the blades and flush it out.
Kidney-Bladder Formula – used to flush and disinfect your pipes.  Used to strengthen your bladder as well as effectively work with kidney or bladder issues.
Earth’s Nutrition / Bountiful Blend – these two nutritional powerhouses were carefully designed to provide whole food nutrition which will give you energy by nourishing your cells rather than stimulating them.
Complete Tissue Repair – this miracle combination contains herbs known as cell-proliferants – which assist in the rapid repair of damaged tissue, whether cut, burned or bruised.  We always have this on hand.  You may need it for this Summers’ adventures.
Deep Heat – rub this minty warming ointment into sore and aching muscles to relax and flush out the waste product (lactic acid) of over-use and trauma.
Sweet Dreams – use to gently calm the mind and let you drift off to sound and uninterrupted sleep.  Originally designed for children, but used by many adults.  For something stronger, try our Nerve Calm.
Anti-Plague Syrup – it doesn’t taste very good – but we sell so much of this because it really does work.  We joke that the taste scares away any oncoming illness.  It could be that this may be the answer to the plague.  Keep a few bottles on hand.  It’s got a shelf life of over five years if kept cool.
Immune Boost – the syrup for the kids and the tincture for teens and adults.  This potent Echinacea based formula will boost and strengthen your immune system allowing your body to fight illness the way nature intended.
Herbal Snuff – like the name implies, you snort this powdered herbal combination up your nose (one nostril at a time).  I’ve had several patients cancel sinus surgery after beginning with our snuff.  The few dollars for this snuff surely is worth a try before undergoing radical procedures such as using drugs or going under the knife.
Sensual Enhancement – we don’t talk much about this formula.  Probably because we don’t need to.  Men and women alike just keep on re-ordering and smiling.
Lungs Plus – nature’s natural inhaler.  The precise blend of these herbs will open the bronchial tubes allowing freer breathing.  Many claim to have gotten off their steroid-based inhalers by using this all natural product.
Female Balance – our first line of defense for women’s hormone related issues.  Whether it is the power surges of menopause or the pain of irregular periods, give this herbal combination a couple months and allow your body to be strengthened so that it can heal itself.  Most female hormone related issues are associated with too much estrogen, so we also recommend getting off soy products and non-organic meat, eggs and dairy products.
Allergy Formula – itchy eyes and runny nose related to seasonal allergies need not keep you indoors.  This formula can clear you up without making you feel groggy and run down.  I also recommend this to be used with our Earth’s Nutrition or Bountiful Blend.  Nourishing the body with superfoods, as in these products, will boost your immune system and can reduce and eliminate seasonal allergy symptoms.  Before we discovered Allergy Formula, I could free myself from allergy symptoms by taking Earth’s Nutrition twice daily for a week.
Prostate Plus – used for good prostate health by men over the age of 40.  Tired of getting up in the night?  Give our prostate formula 6 weeks.  Avoid unhealthy hydrogenated oils and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Weightloss Formula - not a stimulant that will give you the jitters, but a blend of herbs designed to gently curb your appetite while normalizing your metabolism.  Expect slow but steady weight loss – about 4 to 6 pounds per month.  And of course, we want you to eat healthy and exercise.
This is just a sampling of many of our herbal formulas that can help you with your Spring Cleaning and get you into shape for a full and active life.  Please take advantage of Western Botanicals’ specials this month and save on all of these products and many more. 
Finally, I challenge you to make a list of at least 5 places you would like to visit this Spring and Summer.  It may be walking the trails of a local park or climbing a nearby peak.  Become acquainted with and explore your home and local area.  Enjoy your life and your health.
Kyle D. Christensen, DC, ND, MH


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