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Camping in SEMO


Anyone interested in doing some camping in the SEMO area?  I just moved to Cape and I'm looking to get a little group together for some backpacking/camping practice in the area.  I'll probably have a canoe by then too, so that'll be in the mix sometimes.  I'm hoping to start replacing my gear with skill (I'm currently long on gear and short on skill) so that I can hit the woods for a few days with just a day pack or less.

I'll probably get started when it warms up a little in the spring and try to hit the woods every other week or so.  Kids and spouses are welcome (I'll have mine along).

Let me know if that sounds interesting to you.

Here are a couple youtube vids showing the kind of camping I'd like to do:

Have you checked out Hawn State Park, or the Ozark Trail, or Bell Mtn Wilderness Area yet?  Autumn is a good time to backpack in this area.  Let me know if you're still looking for ideas, and I'll post some links.


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