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Just a bit about myself.  I work in telecommunications, live just outside springfield on 5 acres in an old farmhouse that my wife and 2 young sons are attempting to fix up nicely. I was a small-time prepper since y2k, but about 8 months ago got back into it seriously with all the turmoil in the world.  Would like to chat with like-minded individuals in the area and possibly even do a meetup with some if the circumstances and personalities dictate. 

Regardless, good to be a member here and look forward to (hopefully) many successful years of prepping.

Welcome aboard HYRYSC.

I loved the Springfield area when we lived there.  Miss it bad & envy you.

As far as a meet up goes...
I'm up for it.  I'm down in the SE portion of the state & am about equal distance from Springfield or St. Louis.  What does everybody have in mind, camping trip or what?

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Howdy HYRYSC! 

I don't work in Telecommunications specifically, but I work in a calibration lab and calibrate a lot of telecomm equipment.  Currently I live in L. A. and we're planning to escape and move to Missouri next May, after I marry my sweetie and she finishes law school.  How are tech jobs looking in MO these days? 

As far as a get together, after we've moved out that way next year I'll definitely be willing to drive and attend something.  An informal bbq would be a lot of fun.  If we wanted to do something a bit more grand... maybe one or two of us who have some skills could put on a little presentation, class, or something? 

Hello all.  For certain, I feel that any semi-local members that are of the same mindset should certainly meet and get to know each other because who knows how short of time it will be before we might need to rely on others, possibly each other.  Personalities should always be taken into account, but in the near future, that might take a back seat to more pressing needs.  I know that when I was living in Ohio, I lived on about an acre with access to many more acres for hunting and I had friends living in WV and KY within just a couple of hours drive that were planning on meeting at my place if anything bad happened.  I know that there are some that due to circumstances, family, jobs etc just cannot live where they want to live, but I think that just about anyone can find a like minded individual that has the location thing squared away.  If the individuals that are in MO and in the close vicinity are inclined to meet and possibly take it to another level and begin making co-preparations, then it would certainly behoove us to seek out the best location for a possible retreat/community at the earliest possible time and then make preparing that retreat or ensuring that the proper preparations will be available at the needed time.  During the Y2K scare, between my 4 friends and my family, I had the location thing square and stocked most of the food.  My friend who was an airborne ranger in the military has the firearrms standardized and leadership role responsibility, so when he arrived, he was the one in charge.  The other friend was responsible for all of the band-aids and the last one just did a bit of all three.  Thankfully we did not have to resort to any of our plans which we simply viewed as a good insurance policy.

Now all of this might seem extreme, but we do live in extreme times.  The world has never faced things that are occurring right now and whatever your beliefs or religious viewpoints are, we certainly will be living in interesting times in the next few years.  I for one am hoping that we will see a small bump and a collective sigh of relief as we did with Y2K, but I am not going to risk mine or my families well being on such hopes.  I know that sometimes things between people do not work out due to personalities and leadership roles, but that type of thing should be worked out now while the times are light and fun and not having to worry about those things when things might be at stake. 

So let me begin by saying this.  I have the location thing mostly squared away and will finish making any necessary preparations in the next few months.  I have a bugout buddy (for lack of a better term) that lives on about 200 secluded acres that are a mix between woods and pasture for his beef cattle operation.  He has 4 kids with the 3 oldest ones already having taken and passed several small arms tactical courses.  They are well supplied with several sources of open water on their property as well as several wells.  Hunting is abundant as is fertile ground for gardens (beef cattle are good for other things too).  They are a small time operation and as you can imagine with 4 kids in this day and age with only 1 income (his wife is a homemaker) things are tight, but he is still prepping as best as he can.  I am with him prepping my small retreat as best as I can with the backup being heading out to his place as a bugout location. 

If any of us decide to meet, these things should be discussed and hammered down as quickly as possible, within 2 - 3 meetings.  Do I have the best bugout location?  Do you?  Are you the best suited to be the leader of our location?  Am I?  Do we all prep separately with the understanding that we will bring all the preps that we have at the necessary time?  What happens if someone shows up without the necessary preps?  Do we send a certain percentage of our preps ahead of time, essentially buying a "ticket" for the right to the bugout location when the time comes?  What about residences once at the bugout location?  Several smaller, closely proximated, more secure residences or bed down in the main location as best as possible? 

Sorry if long winded.  Let me know if I am somewhere close or way off base.


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