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All Band Single Wire Antenna,The Zeppelin

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Freedom Forged:
This is great information Carl!  Is their one balun brand you prefer over another?


--- Quote from: Freedom Forged on February 10, 2015, 11:03:48 AM ---This is great information Carl!  Is their one balun brand you prefer over another?

--- End quote ---

I use MFJ or are some links (Price and power decide) also watch for the FREQUENCY as most are not good to 6 meters ,which is important if 6 meters is a band you want...Below are two I have in use now.

Canadian Prepper:
Thanks for another informative post, Carl!

I'm beginning to think that this would be a cheap and relatively easy to install option for my QTH. It would be a fair bit of work and coordinating with my landlord to install any full length dipole (will eventually happen) and the challenges of ensuring enough space for the 34 feet of balanced line for the G5RV to hang away from metal siding, etc. will pose challenges. It will probably be an Alpha-Delta DX-CC that I'll put up on the roof come March.

But back to the point of this thread, It would appear as though I could get the balun, ladder line and over 90ft of wire for well under the cost of MFJ's 80m end fed zep, and it would be relatively easy to string the wire around the yard, whether for NVIS or set higher.

I have a spot that would conveniently allow for mounting  the ladder line at 17ft, and only slightly angled away from some aluminum siding should be easy enough to do. If I wanted to set the wire low (at approx. 10ft to provide NVIS and not decapitate anyone in the yard) would it be okay to have the ladder line hang at an angle from the contact with wire to the balun?

Both the ease of setting up in my QTH (without additional help, access to the roof, etc.) and the promise of 80m access sounds appealing. Might a longer wire help for 80m use, or is the length of wire and ladder line given important for the max performance of this antenna? Since my current dipole works fine on the higher bands, just adding this might provide the most bang for my buck...

The ladder line is a matching stub and should be kept reasonably stable as it can vary tuning a bit when moving in the wind.
I would try for the 92 feet of wire to insure 80 meters is tunable...or prepare to add a bit if 67 feet does not tune well at your location. My version had the balun/coax feed point just a couple feet above the ground and the wire/ladder line were at 20 feet,supported 3 feet off the tower at top and bottom...from there the 67 feet of wire sloped to an 8 foot tall PVC stuck in my metal fence. It worked very well,but had local electrical noise as I have power and cable TV lines on 3 sides of my yard.

It is easy and the parts will make many other antennas as you experiment.

Smurf Hunter:
Regarding "ladder line", is there a common name that non-hams use?  When I call local shops asking, they claim they've never heard of it.

There are several 450ohm ladder line based antennas I want to try out, so I figure buying a good length of it would be worth my time and education.


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