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Title: There should be a bail out for the American People
Post by: ColdHaven on September 26, 2008, 10:03:21 AM
OK. I am not the smartest when it come to stocks, bail-outs, and economical things. I am learning though. Yet, with what I understand, why give these floudering corporations bail outs? Why should they get the bail-out? If anyone should be bailed out it should be the American People. Those corporations made poor decisions and we have to pay for it? This, I believe, comes from a society which emphasizes no consequences for your actions. These people should fall and fall hard. Where the bail out should come in is to the American people who have been cheated of their money and have been suckered in to pay these corporations more than they are worth.

If someone makes bad monetary decisions there is no institution which steps in to bail the American people out when things get rough for them. There is no one there to make sure we survive economically, so why should they give these corporations a bail out, and why do they think that they deserve it?  They could have taken all that money that they are going to use as a bail out and give it to the American people. With enough money they would be able to pay off whatever they needed. Or, such a bail-out for the American people could have been an monetary infusion directly into their home payments. Such a thing would actually do the us some good rather than taking our money and giving it to a$$h@les who could give less than two $#!+$ about us. They are rich already. Why the hell do they need any more money? Give it to the common man.

What does anybody else think? Or am I just talking out of my head? lol  :D
Title: Re: There should be a bail out for the American People
Post by: BigDanInTX on September 26, 2008, 10:10:35 AM
I had thought the same thing and figured using the $700 Billion and distributing it to the people would be a better concept.

Unfortunately printing that much money is going to cause many of the same problems whether we see it or they get it.  It'll still dilute the money system and still cause our dollar to deflate.  It will also put us as a nation further into debt to this sore on our ASS known as the FED.

If they could convert the use of budget money, make cutbacks somewhere and give us all more than just the piddly $400-600 we have been getting, it would actually help us out more!  Unfortunately, the government is still in the pocket of the big companies and don't really have anything to gain by helping out the average John Q. American.  We give them taxes, but that goes to the "government", not to the politicians themselves.  The corporate entities give them their daily bread.

Only true fix is to have something drastic come about where the American people don't stand for it anymore.  That includes the sheep...
Title: Re: There should be a bail out for the American People
Post by: ColdHaven on September 26, 2008, 10:26:33 AM
I wonder if there really is a solution that doesn't end in the dollar being nothing more than paper waste. I thought about that too, but at least we would be getting something out of the deal, whereas right now, we are not.

The day they make lobbying illegal will be a great day for freedom in this country. It is illegal to bribe a cop who is an official of the governement. So why shouldn't it be illegal to bribe a senator?

Even sheep will start running when others in the heard get spooked. Hence the problem here in NC with lack of gas.  ::)