Author Topic: HF Monthly Flyer Coupons (Solar Panel Kits, Ammo Cans, 20% Off Super Coupons)  (Read 1601 times)

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Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s Harbor Freight and all their stuff is either total junk or suspect at best but none of us are made of money. Anyway there are two files in the folder, a JPEG and a PDF, both at 300 dpi resolution with some coupons that you might find interesting from a preparedness standpoint. Download the folder and select whichever file is easiest for you to work with and print it out to 8.5” x 11” on a color printer and you are all set.

Coupons #1 & #2
The new four-panel 100 W solar panel kits are getting very good reviews across the Internet for their price range. Coupon #1 is the actual coupon with a limit of 5 sets and expires on 11/30/17. Coupon #2 really isn’t a coupon but the actual advertisement inside the monthly flyer for the solar panel set (at full price) showing all the stuff that comes with it including all the cabling, two pre-strung 12 V light bulbs and a voltage regulator. Supply a small 12 V deep cycle battery and a small 120 V inverter along with a multiport USB power supply/charger and you’re all set to keep comms and a computer or two running indefinitely.

Coupon #3
.50 Cal metal ammo cans. Most definitely not mil spec for good luck finding any that actually are mil spec that are still in serviceable condition for this price. Limit 6 pieces until 11/30/17.

Coupon #4
Plastic ammo cans about the size of a .30 cal can. Decent for small modular storage. Limit 9 pieces until 1/22/18.

Coupon #5
“Super Coupon” for 20% off any one item valid through 11/30/17.

Coupon #6
“Super Coupon” for 20% off any one item valid through 11/30/17. There is also a “free” 5.5’ x 7.5’ blue tarp with the purchase of ANY item. Also valid until 11/30/17.

Coupon #7
“Super Coupon” for 20% off any one item valid through 1/22/18.

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the solar panels i am seriously considering for an out building.