Author Topic: old Barnett spareparts?  (Read 3019 times)

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old Barnett spareparts?
« on: January 07, 2014, 02:50:17 AM »
Anyone tried to get spareparts for old Barnett crossbows? I have B. Rhino takedown crossbow, got a used one last year and really like it, but the scope base is damaged, tends to jump up from the elevation device. I had to wedge a piece of plastic under the base front end to keep it still. Not only does it disable the elevation (which I don't really care much), but I'm afraid it doesn't stay very well zeroed, either. I could glue the wedge there for more permanent solution, but I would even rather replace the part. Any ideas where to get it? I tried to email Barnett but never got answer.
Guess another option would be to have the base machined of steel or alluminum, but seems like a bit of overkill.