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Title: Resilient Property Design Essentials
Post by: 7th Generation Design on April 06, 2020, 01:35:00 PM

Hey TSP folks!

We at 7th Generation Design just put out a new ebook called “Resilient Property Design Essentials (” - Eight Critically Important Principles, Strategies, and Techniques to Make Your Land More Beautiful, Resilient, and Productive While Avoiding Expensive Mistakes - it’s totally free, and we wanted to share it with you, a community that we’ve learned so much from over the years!

After several years of designing and implementing permaculture whole-site designs for various properties, we’ve distilled down what we believe are some of the highest value strategies to bring to any property - and put them in writing to easily share with friends, colleagues, clients, and land stewards.

Here is an outline of the info covered in the e-book (

Resilient Property Design Essentials


Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  In the context of a landscape (and the projects being implemented on it), resilience refers to the ability to survive - and dare we say thrive -  in spite of the energies influencing a site (sectors) beyond the landowner’s control.

Eight of the essential design principles, strategies, and techniques we’ve identified in order to achieve this are:

Pattern your access with water in mind - the most overlooked way to save time, energy and money for the long haul when managing land[/list]
Understand energy, and don’t pay for it if you don’t have to - how to consciously unplug from the energy consumption matrix and make your life simpler, healthier, less expensive and more resilient.[/list]
Put water to work - and water harvesting and recycling is the way to start![/list]
Maximize your unfair advantage - align what you want to do with what your land wants to be)[/list]
Know thyself (and those with whom you travel) - create your minimum holistic goal, the ONE THING that makes everything else easier or unnecessary that most people never do[/list]
Avoid type 1 errors - errors that cost you time, energy, money, or emotional well-being for as long as they remain present in the system[/list]
Know your existential risks (i.e. understand Nature’s erasers in your area) - how to design your property to be anti-fragile in the face of man-made disasters and natural phenomena.[/list]
Produce something and use it, share it, and sell it - why production is the key to a healthy bottom line (i.e. passively pad your pockets)[/list]

If these strategies are well-understood and utilized when designing for and implementing a project on the land, things will only get easier as time goes on - instead of harder!


The ebook does a deep dive on these eight essentials - a 42 page deep dive, with plenty of examples presented. So please make sure to check it out ( before you go!

We’d love to hear how you’ve already employed these strategies on your own property, and what projects you have planned next!

With gratitude,

Wes and Casey