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Hey all! checking in from Warburg, Alberta. It may be cold here but I've already started my gardening - in the house. This will be my third season of gardening and this year I have 7 acre farm to plant instead of less than a quarter acre total space scatter between 3 cities an hour apart. I'll be planting about 12,000 sqft of veggies, fruit and herbs this year, and am seriously getting into market gardening over the next couple years (I still work full-time in the city though for now). If you're relatively close to me, I'd be happy to show you around my place and the methods I am using for my gardening. Raised beds have been a goal for me, and to start all my plants I use plant lights inside the house. Check out my blog at and you can see the list of stuff I'm growing this year! I want to harden all my plants off starting about april 1st and will be using polytunnels and coldframes and whatever else i can get my hands on to keep my plants protected from the elements. Last 2 years had some cold/cool snaps mid season that hampered getting everything full size, and the learning curve has been nearly vertical but should taper off this year :-D This year will involve a ton more manual labour to build new beds on the new farm. We're pretty excited though to finally have our own land, we got a good deal on it, but still it's a mortgage to pay off. We'll see how early we can pay it down with this whole recession thing.  ;D

Hey Canadians....just wondering if anyone has some Canadian links for purchasing supplies such as mylar bags/oxygen absorbers/ etc.  I'd rather purchase within the country if possible.

Greetings everyone! Just touching base here as I have just registered. Came over from LATOC.


If it were to happen, looks like we'd probably not see it coming. Were you ready today at 08:44?

From fox news,2933,503164,00.html

Wait! Did you hear that whooshing sound?

A small asteroid buzzed by Earth Monday, though only real astronomy geeks in the Pacific would have noticed.
The rock, estimated to be no more than 200 feet wide, zoomed past our planet at an altitude of 40,000 miles at 1:44 p.m. universal time — or 8:44 EST.
Dubbed 2009 DD45, it was discovered only on Friday by Australian astronomers.

Forty thousand miles may sound like a lot, but it's only about one-seventh of the way to the moon, and less than twice as far out as many telecommunications satellites.
Had 2009 DD45 hit the Earth, it would have exploded on or near the surface with the force of a large nuclear blast — not very reassuring when you consider humanity had only about three days' notice.

According to the Australian news Web site Crikey, the asteroid is likely to be drawn in by Earth's gravity, meaning it may return for many more near misses in the future.

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My wife and I are from MN and she wanted me to ask if you guys can put Red Green back on the air?  Guess which one she finds me Handsome or Handy?  ;)



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