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Suggestions for places in TX or NM?

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@machinisttx: We also didn't live inside the city limits... west of FW. We figure our $7.5K/yr property taxes would have been north of $13K if the same home had been in the FW city limits... It was also the time when we completely lost our patience with homeowners' associations :)

Well, thanks for the replies folks. Been busy with life, buying and starting to read books on Rocket Mass Heaters, Solar Air, Homesteading, etc. After a surprising discussion this week with my wife, she's said she supports us fixing up the house we have now to get it ready to sell and finding some rural land! She's starting working and is looking for some extra hours at work, and I am looking for a part time job, maybe at Menard's, to pay off debts, a new roof and windows and some general fix up... and we should be able to sell this house and get some decent money for it.

We've decided that rather than move way South, to probably stay in Missouri, but more South of Jeff. City/St. Louis area. Can find land over there in the $10k to $100k range for 10-40 acres, sometimes with a house or a couple buildings, a well and septic, etc. (Thanks Jack for encouraging us to look harder in Missouri.)  Today, she even started talking about how she wants an outdoor kitchen like her grandma had in Bolivia, a huge roofed porch and an outside shower. She's even been pointing me towards videos on shipping container houses... but, not the buried kind, whew! :)

Shows what time, planting seeds and some patience can accomplish!

I'd love to have an outdoor kitchen here. It's just too dang hot in the summer to use the oven much.

@JimNKC: Good job figuring out what suits you best and taking the steps to make it happen...


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