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Title: Considering A Move To SE Oklahoma
Post by: JLMissouri on November 28, 2018, 07:43:31 PM
I am considering a move to SE Oklahoma, mainly to escape the cold weather of Northern Missouri. I considered many states in the South, and Oklahoma seems to have the best mix for me. Affordable land, low population density, conservative, warmer. I run a small business and farm I can make money anywhere, so employment isn't important to me. My wife is an RN so could likely find work anywhere. Regulations that may interfere with my use of my land and running my business are important.

In my search Missouri is very hard to compete with, too bad it isn't a little warmer here. It looks like SE or south central Oklahoma would work for me.

Building permits, I am having a hard time finding out if there are any building restrictions in Oklahoma, it doesn't look like there are in most parts. Here I can build whatever I want without any permission, only thing is the septic needs a permit which I believe is a federal mandate enforced by states.  Are there any counties in Southern Oklahoma that are not this way and require permits?

Are there any weird taxes in Oklahoma I need to be aware of? So far I have not found any strange taxes, here is Missouri they tax each cow and chicken although the tax is very very low.

Does it get cold enough in southern Oklahoma for the water to freeze over where you have to chop ice for cattle?

Are feral hogs a big problem? Bears?

Ideal would be someone that has moved from Kansas, southern Iowa or Missouri that could give me a heads up on anything unexpected. I reply here or a PM would be awesome, Thanks