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Investing/Financial news
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:20:29 PM »
Where do you get your financial/investing news? 

Google News is my generally my first stop.  It's a general overview of what's in the news.  Many days this is all I look at.
* Unfortunately too much of the market is influenced by political decisions.  Fed lending rates, tax codes, federal budget, trade disputes/agreements, regulations, war...  That's the first major decision that anyone makes when they project a target value for a stock.  See the tax reform debates in the news today as a good example. 

* Also, most news is "sensational" with little market impact.  Analysts could care less about the inappropriate behavior of celebs and politicians unless it can be connected to the bottom line.  Unless Trump is getting kicked out of office, the market doesn't care what he tweets.  Unless Kaepernick impacts the sale of Bud Light or TV ad time, the market doesn't care whether he kneels or stands.

Google Finance is next (while I'm there).  I like the sector summary and they have some good general tools.

Then you've got a bunch of other sources.  Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are probably the most influential within the decision maker circle.  I like FT better when I had a subscription for school.  - paid subscription (US based)  - paid subscription (UK based)

Feel free to agree/disagree with the articles, but sites and news like this influences decision makers who make buy/sell decisions not just for investment firms, but for all companies that have capital investment questions.  You and I get a vote at the market table, but we're not moving the line the house sets. 

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Re: Investing/Financial news
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 01:13:24 PM »
Might get contentious... People are often irrationally sided with their information source.

Every morning I workout to CNBC / Fox Business. If I'm desperate, Bloomberg.

Google News, and Yahoo News come second, they can be pretty good aggregators but you have to bear in mind who they source from. Mine are so algorithmed every day I get an article on the top 3 dividend stocks you need to own. Just beware they are giving you what you want.

For macro, I've found nothing better than the Jason Stapleton Podcast. He really breaks down econ well.

Then there are the black hearts. Iread but would never recommend Zerohedge. It's not for the common person and there's a reason it's popular with traders. Similar boat, the guy who can rain on any parade, the Peter Schiff Podcast. I trade professionally and I can barely keep up with his numbers. But he offers sound Austrian arguments to big problems.

I've at times received Fortune, Barron's, the WSJ, and I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two. Barron's was my favorite. YMMV

If I get in a pinch where I am being lied to, any number of British sources often take an independent view of American finance. And the Singapore based Straits-Times has a good business section for covering Asia and the Pacific. The best international sources tend to be moving targets.