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Flip flop winch

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--- Quote from: iam4liberty on July 03, 2020, 12:21:14 PM ---Very cool.  Had not seen that method before.

Did anyone else notice the 2k thumbs down on the video?  "Some people's children."

--- End quote ---

haters gotta hate

I watched the Video with 2 sets of eyes/opinions.

1) Cool what a simple machine that get the job done.  Tuck that way for when I need it.

2) (sea going service vet here)  DANGER DANGER DANGER.  Stepping overt that line over and over again.  He made mention that the line under tension can cause damage if it parts, but the amount of time his legs are straddling the line under tension or very close to it.  I was reminded of the old Navy film they shoed us in boot camp about line failures and the Nylon line snapping back and devastating the dummies they set on deck.  I though it was on YouTube but did not find it.

Cool concept.  Likely good for a team of people but I am not sure I would want to put a stuck vehicle type strain on that system.  I have a fried who got stuck and the tow trucks they sent to winch out his ford ranger went through a lot of cable.  Note it took 2 tow trucks and to hear him till it there were lots of driver error involved.  That line he was using did not have a breaking strength of too many times the weight of that pickup.


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