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--- Quote from: Hraz on February 20, 2009, 03:32:21 PM ---

I found this on the web:
* Johnny's Seeds

--- End quote ---

I was surprised Johnny's was on that list. I am going to try to find a new supplier. Thanks!

Any new suppliers to try this year?

I know Bountiful Gardens is out of the seed business, any other news before I make my picks?



Last couple years I’ve been using . They and I are both in Michigan which is why I like them.  Their selection is more than adequate for my needs.

@CharlesH - I ordered from Annie's as well this year.  I'm in Michigan as well and the seeds are doing quite well.  Bought a couple things from High Mowing and local places too (couldn't help myself).  Just wanted to add a +1 for Annie's.

Great!  I still like them, too.  This year’s garden has been a bit smaller than my norm.  I only focused on stuff that either just tastes better when grown by me, or was too hard to find at local farmers markets in the quantities I need.  I have tons of San Marzano tomatoes for saucing, lots of basil for pesto, and okra because it’s not as common in our area.  I also did cayenne, watermelon, edamame, and pumpkin.


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