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Pros and Cons of military surplus 48" fiberglass mast sections

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  I use a weighted base. A 2X2 foot piece of ply wood with a 3/4" pipe flange and a 8" pipe nipple. I lay everything out on the ground including the guy ropes on three sides. When I was still strong I could walk it up, grab the forth guy rope and walk it out to it's stake. Instead of adjusting the guy ropes to make the mast vertical, I slide the base around. I use 3/4" nipple because it's the right size for the old weights from my bar bell set. I used 40 lbs for a 30 foot mast. Before I found the military masts I used three 10 foot sections of 4"PVP  drain pipe.
  Now days I use the aluminum poles on the bottom half and fiber glass on the top and I get some one younger to help me.( Do most the work )  8)


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