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Cleaning up a goose


Ice Princess:
Hi all, wasn't sure if this was better posted in the food prep section or here, but the story is as follows.

Last night at about 10:00 I unexpectedly acquired a (deceased) Canada Goose courtesy of a family members hunting trip. I have experience butchering chickens, but hadn't done any waterfowl up until this point. I like my birds with skin left on, I find they don't dry out when cooking them. And who doesn't like goose down pillows?! So I set to work plucking this thing, and over an hour latter I had a mostly clean bird. The problem is, its only mostly clean. There are stray tufts of down you'd need a magnifying glass and surgical tweezers to remove, still stubbornly present.

So, any fowl hunters out there want to share their wisdom? Can you flame these annoying fluffs off or will that leave the taste of singed feathers imbedded in my goose? 

You can flame them. Be quick.


Ice Princess:
Thanks Cedar, I'll try not to accidentally flame broil it :)


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