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How many here are doing leatherwork?

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I got into leatherworking awhile back, but I have been on an extended break due too full time school and full time work. That and the people I live with weren't big fans of the constant hammering for hours at a time. I will post some pictures later of what I have done. A couple of Bible covers and a belt.

I warn all who want to get involved it, just like Tombstone said "It is addictive."
It can also get expensive. So my tip is to only buy the tools you need for the project you are working on, instead of trying to buy everything.

Yep, It is addicting for sure.  I think anything where you create from simple pieces of material and generate something useful becomes addicting.   Can't wait to start the next project now.   ;D

Nice work! I need to build a few tomahawk covers one of these days for ours.

This thread is a little old, but cense I just joined the group I thought I would put my 2 cents worth in.

I work mainly with suede and make belt pouches. But I do know how to make leather drinking flasks and cups/mugs.


Suede pouches are handy. The same patterns can be used with canvas and other materials as well!


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