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How many here are doing leatherwork?

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Leatherwork is in my 13. My mother was a professional leather artist. She did everthing from clothes to pistol rigs, to carved leather pictures.
   When she died, she had a ton of leather tooling equipmen and supplies, that all got split up and now almost 30 years later, I still have a box of tools that I have only really used once. So I'm going to pull them down and mess around with them and see what I can do. I want to focus primarily on utility in what I make, I want to make things look good but I want them to look useful. Then I can work on making things look pretty.

Has anyone gotten started on their leatherworking skills yet? Post some pics!

Not yet. once i get my workshop put together I'll be starting

I finally had some free time and sat down and did some leather-work.   This took me about 1 hour.  (I bet I could knock the next one out in 25 minutes now that I know what I'm doing)

I don't have any tools (Except the cheap wheel punch, DON'T GET A CHEAP ONE, get a decent one, trust me on this LOL).
A good sharp knife, some sinew (Or in this case synthetic sinew) a needle, a little emery to clean the edges and your good to go.  And don't forget the coffee.   ;D

Just finished up. (Still need to oil it).   I used a simple button toggle on it.  (Wife didn't get too mad about the cutting board eather LOL).

Ignore the axe, it's nothing special and in bad shape, but it has special meaning to me so I keep it around.  Really need to work on it a bit and restore it.   

My middle boy (13 Year old) saw it and wanted to finish the old sheath we had been working on but I could not find the parts, so we tabled that one.  So he built this one himself, (I only helped a little with cutting the leather). 

Very simple and very effective.   

oh nice. i need to break out my leather parts and do some sheaths for my axes/hatchets. hmm, i need a decent hole punch it seems.


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