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Teaching the kids and wife how to start a fire.


SA Friday:
Went camping in Medicine Bow forest this last weekend with the family.  One of the main things I wanted to teach them was how to start a fire with a few items other than a lighter or matches.  I focused mostly on the kindling and tinder.  I foraged the wood and kindling first, and then lighted it using a fire piston.  Then I assisted my wife and daughter to set up another fire.  Once set up, I let them use both a Mg and ferro rod and fire piston to get a fire started.  They both struggled a lot.  After I lit a fire fairly easy, I think they both thought it was pretty simple.  Their repeated failures kinda drove the point home that starting a fire is tougher than they thought and required more practice than they were putting into it. 

The one thing they really did learn from it was to prepare for making a fire WAY before you had to make one.  It was the char cloth that got them to succeed.  One piece of char cloth in their tinder bundles made the difference between succeeding a failing. 

So, they got the point I wanted to make.  They have to practice and char cloth or vasoline cotton balls are just too easy to make and have than fighting to make a fire.  They also got the basics of setting up the basics to get the fire going.

its is an important skill to practice and learn.


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