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Any accredited survival schools in CA?


I need to get a couple college credits this summer, and for my line of work, credits in Wilderness Survival will help me out, But I can't find any info on schools that are accredited.  Anyone who knows of one, preferably central/northern CA it would be appreciated.

The Professor:
Not much in the way of "accreditation" for "survival" schools.  Any idiot with a boonie cap, knife and magnesium firestarter can declare him- or herself a "survival school."

However, you may want to look at the National Outdoor Leadership School. It's a different animal entirely :

Hope it  helps.

The Professor

Josh the Aspie:
Have you considered looking at your local universities to see if any of them offer orienteering classes as a part of their course load?  Even if not, they may have some survival / backpacking / orienteering classes under their recreation department.  You might be able to arrange with the Physical Education department to do an independent study administered by the staff member who runs whichever class you decide to take.  The fees will likely be higher over-all, but if you want the credits, it's a way to try getting some.


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