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Swedish Fire Torch (Very cool!)


This is an really easy way to have a good fire when you are stuck on marshy or snowy ground and/or the available firewood is wet.

In the "mechanized" version of the Swedish Fire Torch, you stand a neatly sawn log on end and split it into quarters. Then you put the quarters back close together (standing on end) with tinder and small twigs stuffed in between the pieces.

Light it up, and the wood burns vertically, from the heartwood out. It lasts a long time and makes a ready-made pot stand for cooking as well.

Variations include slotting a log segment with a chainsaw, or tying a bundle of large sticks together and standing them on end.

For wet or snowy ground, you can chop a bundle of sticks, and hammer them a few inches into the ground, spacing them closely together. The two feet or so that stands up becomes the fire. The part in water or snow never burns, of course--it just holds up the rest of the fire for a few hours.

Splitting a few of the central sticks can provide dry wood surfaces. Once they get burning, the rest of the bundle will dry right out.

A flat fire built on snow will drown itself out in a hurry. A Swedish Fire Torch made with 3' sticks poked a foot or so into the snow will burn like a huge candle for hours.

The real beauty of this fire is that all of the heat is initially retained & reflected in the heart of the log, so it lights and burns much more easily than a flat fire. The heat also rises in a compact column, and stays compact, which means easier cooking and less fire tending.

This technique could be a real lifesaver in a time of need.


Nice find LDMorgan.  Always something to learn out there.   Gonna try this with my next demo.  Thanks

Not a bad style.  My four-year-old watched it with me.  45 seconds into it while the guy was chopping the wood, my son said, "He's chopping wood.  Is he making a stove?"  +1 for him.  lol lol

that is a cool idea.... good find!

This is ver cool. I found it a few weeks ago and have been planning to give it a try.


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