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Encrypted MURS Voice Communications?

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--- Quote from: backwoods_engineer on March 05, 2009, 10:02:16 PM ---...Batteries die and need to be charged in radios, too; I guess people forget that....
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on that note, I suggest that the unit defaults to passive pass through. so when the voltage gets too low or the battery/usb cable is unplugged then regular analog clear sound is passed through to the earpiece.

it'd suck to miss incoming traffic because the battery died, i'd rather hear, click-whirl-beep and know that the crypto is offline and it's time to change the battery. it'd also be nice as i could wire a switch into the power and turn the unit on and off when i need to without unplugging it, like on a computer's sound card or a scanner or the speakermic connector on the radio in my truck.

also, i'd recommend you go with female connectors on the unit (maybe 1/8" stereo, db9 or rj45) and then people could make their own speaker/mic adapter cables from there. like a tinytrack or a tracker2. 1/8" stereo is probably the cheapest/easiest. and 1/8" stereo to 2x 1/8" mono adapters are cheap.

what/how are you going to do the zeroize button ? i think a 'push and hold these two buttons' would work as long as it's labeled that way on the case.

and because my wife will someday hit the zeroize button while we're miles away from a computer, it'd be nice to be able to do cloning/re-keying via a cable (1/8" stereo to 1/8" stereo straight through would make it easy to find and carry a 'cloning cable')

good stuff! i'd be in for two or three units @ ~$60 probably a few more if we like them.

You make a good point MGySgtScott, the Keep It Simple Stupid axiom does tend to ring true.


--- Quote from: backwoods_engineer on March 05, 2009, 10:02:16 PM ---The unit I am proposing is NOT speech inversion (spectral inversion), but a digital vocoder combined with real AES (credit-card-over-the-internet-type) encryption.  Regardless of what Gunny says, this is not going to be broken.
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Yes I understand that, I was making an analogy to something in the past that had a similar practical application.

--- Quote ---I was originally thinking I would put it in the headset, but a lot of people started asking for a module, so I said OK.
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Module is a much better form factor.

--- Quote ---Too bad.  Maybe I need to peddle my wares elsewhere; sounds like the naysayers are piling on here.
Batteries die and need to be charged in radios, too; I guess people forget that.
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You misinterpret my post.  I am not naysaying.  I think it's a good idea.  Having used encrypted digital comms
(P25) they are not without some shortfalls is all I am saying.  And please make the batteries field replaceable
and a common type (NOT CR123 for example)

--- Quote ---So, you get to play with the expensive encrypted toys, but you don't want others to be able to have encrypted voice comms?  Sorry, but I smell a rat.

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I don't consider a $300 H/T expensive but YMMV.

The rat you smell isn't me.  I'd be first inline to buy your device.  ;D

Now While your form is very cool and indeed useful, what about using it alongside of these Freq. Hopping Radios? Imagine Freq. Hopping encrypted radios, I dont think many people would be able to EVER follow your convos.

Unfortunately you won't get a fraction of the range from those TriSquare 900mhz radios.

I tested a set at a theme park and they were less than half the range of conventional

The ability to text was handy however, and they MIGHT work in a neighborhood
scenerio if it wasn't too big.


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