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Finding Salt in the wild

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Does anyone have any knowledge of or a good reference to finding and refining salt in the wild? When we lived at the coast I had no issues with this but now that we live 300 miles inland I've been thinking about this recently.

This question is in reference to having had to bug out with BOB only and having had to leave preps behind. I do have some salt in my BOB but wouldn't expect it to last long and especially with others in the group of survivors.

Any advise or reference material is appreciated.


I have read that boiling hickory root will produce a black salt after the water boils away.

I'm sure that the Native American people had places to go to or ways to produce salt if need be but I have not yet found a supply in the wild. If I did find a source it could be a good barter item later, maybe.

I'm not sure how you'd get the impurities out or sterilize it properly, but blood has the same salinity as sea water, 3.9%.  I would figure you could drain the blood from animals and use an evaporative process like they do to get sea salt, but you also have lots of other stuff you don't want in it, like iron and other organic substances.  If you could figure out a way to purify it, a small farm might be able to produce a meaningful quantity.

If you look at human history, though, it's clear that salt has always been a traded and bartered item and transported long distances because of its necessity and value.  Given the cost, I don't see any reason why you couldn't store a ridiculous quantity that could last several generations for under $50. 


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