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Anyone here flint knapping?

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Tactical Badger:
I messed around with it a long time ago when I was going through a "primitive" phase.  I'd like to give it another shot.

Can anyone point me to some information besides the D.C. Waldorf book?  Videos, supplies, stuff like that?


I'm re-reading the 'Clan of the cave bear' series and was wondering about that. How hard is it? What types of things have you done with flint?

Tactical Badger:
I managed a couple of passable points and a really nice small cutting blade.  But, that's about it.  It's not really rocket science once you get started in it.

But I was only messing around with it and didn't take it any further than that.  I'd love to find someone local to really teach me how to do it.  I still have all my tools and chards somewhere in the house.

i was trying it a bit after i seen les stroud doing it

Dirt Rider 3006:
My father in law is heavily into knapping. Along with actual knapping he also make different jigs, fixtures and tools that he sells at Knap-Ins through out the mid south.

Here's a link to Knappers corner.

And a link to Chips magazine that he subscribes to.,


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