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Does anyone know how to Navigate the wilderness with a Map and Compass?  I saw one of your posts ("What should do?" 28 JAN 09) that referenced this website to learn Land Navigation and I found it very usefull.

Have fun exploring the wilderness.  ;D

UPDATE from website:

The fact is many people every year get lost in the wilderness, due to their lack of knowledge in LAND NAVIGATION skills. BUT, how does one improve on their LAND NAVIGATION skills.

There are outdoor wilderness navigators of various skill levels out there that can use these lessons, to improve their skills and introduce others (beginners and those unfamiliar) into the world of Land Navigation.

The lessons are FREE to download, informative, and can be used to teach yourself and others in the knowledge of "LAND NAVIGATION with MAP and LENSATIC COMPASS".


Good site JimmyD! I'll have to pass it around.

Look for a military land nav manual.

You definiely need usgs topo quad maps or copies or printouts..

I say a good compass and even a clinometer of suunto brand, look for their more accurate instruments. Not cheap though, $150 per instrument.

Learn how to triangulate to reveil your location. This is where you pick two features off in the distance, and you find them on the map. You get their compass readings and then take the back azmiths. Plot lines back from the points on the map at the back azmith angles until they intersect.  The intersection is where you are at if you took the readings accurately and made no mistakes. This is called triangulation. It takes farely good map reading skills.

I love  I used their PDF manual while working with Scouts on Land Nav and Orienteering skills.  Great site, great info.

Land Nav is a blast.  I miss the good ole days, just running out in the woods and "Trying" to get lost LOL   


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