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A Question Of Firestarting Priorities ..

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I am very skilled in fire sparked based fire making.  I have on a number of occasions started a fire faster with both flint and steel and ferro rod than a challenger with a lighter. But that was for braggin rights.  The situation above is not the time fro establishing bragging right.  I would use the lighter YMMV

Again this is NOT an emergency folks.. Yes it's true TS Has HTF, but where you are in the bush there's not a danged thing you can do about it.. Your ife is not in danger from being a little chilly, you have yourself a shelter built, and there's NO immediate danger .. You simply might wanna cook up your fresh caught game or something..

So why would you use a lighter first off when you are in no danger of freezing ?? Are you mainly keying in on the whole TS Hitting TF idea  ?? Remember you have other options ...

I think this is going off topic a bit, but since you asked.

I would use the lighter because anything could happen.  Fire is life.  You could fall in a river, it could rain.  Hypothermia can happen even in the summer.  When you are wet and in the wind your core body temp can lower quickly.  I went camping in the rain last week.  Late August.  And I was shivering.  If I had not had a fire I could have easily developed hypothermia.

Plus you want to waste as few calories as possible.  Make a fire easily.  Save those calories for hunting, foraging, building shelter, or signaling for help.

Even if it is not a SHTF situation, if you are out of reach of people, alone in the wilderness, you want to get a fire going quickly. 

I agree.  I'd use the simplest methods first to conserve energy.

The thing to remember is the SHTF situation is most likely not going to be permanent.  It may be a week, it may be a month, it may be a year but at some point things will eventually improve (unless its "The Road" but that is the least likely type of scenario).  Even if they don't improve or return to some semblance of normal, you should not be in survival mode the entire time, you should be past survival mode and working on sustainability and improving beyond just the basic needs for survival.  Building more permanent shelter, growing and saving food, etc, etc.

So yes, i'd use the easiest methods first (Say the lighter lasts for 2 or 3 months starting 1 fire a day if needed), then moving on to the other methods.  Hopefully by the time the lighter is used up, you will have gathers wood and tinder and built enough shelter to keep the tinder dry and easy to start, etc.  If not, your not trying very hard to survive  ;D

+1 for the thread.  It does provoke some thinking on the matter which is always a good thing.

As someone from another forum said, it's about balance..

If you use the flint and steel first or the ferro rod, are you not saving those same calories ?? Now I could see if you were in a snow storm, or stuck out when there's freezing rain or whatever coming down, yes use the lighter by all means.. But in the scenario I posted, you have your shelter built some fresh caught game, and it may, repeat MAY get a little chilly that night..

The non-emergency, but survival thought, I believe I should have explained better(sorry)..

 For example, you're out in the bush and you have a radio and you hear that TSHasHTF.. You're maybe half-way or a few days into your trip.. From your location there's not a danged thing you can do about it.. It's gonna maybe take you a few days or weeks to get home because maybe you got dropped by a friend and they've been given a certain time to come back to pick you up... Their priorities just changed because of what happened.. They may be bugged(or bugged out) in for a good while because of the situation.. All they can do is hope you're ok while they also survive and try to get to the pick-up point on the day you're gonna come home..

Yes, you know what has happened, but is there anything you can do about it other then make your way home or to the meet up place safely ?? No, there's not.. You have a good set of tools and a (HopefullY) good set of skills to get you through this and that is all.. I would think that, we'd have to think in the mind set that your buddy may not be able to pick you up at the agreed upon spot, since TSHasHTF, and play it all by ear and do your best to get back home to your family(if you can) or whomever safely as best you can..

Hopefully I explained myself a little better ??



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