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A Question Of Firestarting Priorities ..

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Which would you use first ??

Was reading a thread on another thread about what 2 tools you'd choose in the bush, and it got me to thinking..

Now we all know the old standby of "2 is one, and one is none", right ??

Ok, here's the scenario..

You're out in the bush, and you need to get a fire going.. Now let's suppose this is during a SHTF type situation..

You've got your kit with a flint and steel, a ferro rod, and a lighter, along with the ability to do fire by friction..

My question is which would you use ?? Would you take the easy way out and go with your lighter, or would you save the easier options as your last resort and go with the friction fire or flint and steel ??

Myself I'd go with attempting my friction fire first and save the others for more pressing times.. At the same time I'd be keeping my skill up to snuff .. Plus you could make more char material for later fires if the need arised..

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this !!


Sorry forgot to mention non-emergency, just basic survival..  ;D

During an emergency, you need to get a fire going fast.



--- Quote from: Tuxdad on August 29, 2010, 02:40:30 PM ---Sorry forgot to mention non-emergency, just basic survival..  ;D

--- End quote ---

Basic survial IS an emergency.  :)

When I go backyard camping I test my alternative methods, but when your life can depend on fire, get it going fast.

I would probably use the lighter, but if I had good dried tinder bundle then maybe the ferro rod... I can get a fire going quick with one if I have good tinder. I would always save the friction fire method as a last resort when you have time and energy for it. I'm not very good at it, last time I tried a bow drill took me 1.5 hrs.. and lots of energy to finally get a good ember that would light up.


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