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Who makes a good compass?

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Heh.  Since this section of the board is entitled "Primitive Skills & Earth Skills," my first thought when I read the thread title "Who makes a good compass?" was....well, I do.   ;)  Here's what I mean:

But I don't actually do this on trail.  I carry a Suunto.   :P

I have several Sunnto and Silvas and they are all good ones but I have had them break on me. The only one that hasnt is a Camenga. The only reason the military uses it. I have one that I had since I was a kid and it still works.

Silva has been the outdoorsman standard for as long as I can remember.

Suunto or Silva baseplate model.

I still have my Silva from Boy Scouts. Still works and has held up well.

Are you looking for something that simply points north, or are you into the whole orienteering thing where you need to account for declination to arrive at a pinpoint position?


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