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Who makes a good compass?

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--- Quote from: cmxterra on June 28, 2010, 04:19:20 PM ---I am looking for a general purpose compass to keep with my usgs topo maps as a back up incase the wonderful gps system takes a dump and I have to go back to my old ways of navigating :)

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I've tried a few different ones and I still prefer the one I used in the army.  It's made by Cammenga.  Unless you plan on doing a lot of navigating at night and practicing light discipline then skip the tritium option.  They're scaled in degrees and mills.  However, you probably won't find mills very useful.  These are tough and I've had mine for years.  The tritium wore out several years ago but I no longer have to navigate the woods at night without a flashlight. 

Funny, you use the compass and topo as a backup for your gps.  I use my gps as a backup to my compass and topo.   ;D

I had a taylor back when I was a kid in scouts. I wish I still had it.


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I guess my tastes in compass match the reset of the world....tried to pick up 4 different ones and all sold out. I do have one of the old military ones - what little glow it had back in 1980's has long sense faded.   I was looking to pickup another military style + a few cheaper ones to toss in each first aide kit.

Mr. Red Beard (UKtheBUNNY):
Regardless of brands a heavy duty lensatic or Engineering compass is the best way to go. You don't need the most expensive thing out there but don't by the cheapest either. Plus the magnifying glass is a sweet plus for a additional fire starter. If you pick up a military version just be aware not to confuse mils with degrees. If you make the mistake of using mils you will end somewhere entirely different than expected. I had several people do this on land nav courses.


Cavers use suunto compass and clinometer in cave mapping, can't beat them..  They have 1 degree accuracy and can be read to the 1/4 degree.  Millitary field compasses are good for 3 to 5 degree accurace but can be read to the degree.


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