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Who makes a good compass?

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the one I have had forever is not feeling well and thought I would ask here to see if someone had some idea of what is good out there.

The Fishin Magician:
 The Suunto MC-2G Global Compass is my personal favorite. Not only is it a good orienteering compass for use in conjunction with maps, but it's multi-purpose, too...the magnifying lens can be used to start fires and help in seeing those little splinters that need digging out, and the sighting mirror can be used for emergency signalling (and checking out your "bed hair" in the mornings!  ;D)

Maybe you could tell us in a little more detail exactly what you need a compass to do for you?  Without knowing what your specific needs are, I can't be any more helpful than that with my recommendations.

I am looking for a general purpose compass to keep with my usgs topo maps as a back up incase the wonderful gps system takes a dump and I have to go back to my old ways of navigating :)

The Fishin Magician:
In that case, I would think the compass I recommended above or a Silva Ranger sighting compass would get you around in fine style. If that's a little more than you were expecting to spend and a little too fancy, you could just go with a plain old baseplate compass like the Suunto M-2D. Just be sure to get something that has adjustable declination.

Gray Ghost:
I am partial to the K & M Match Case that comes with a good compass in the cap.


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