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Anybody for bluegill around here?

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There's some cane right down the road from me that's plenty big enough to make a cane pole, I have to admit I've been thinking about it. Not that I don't appreciate my expensive bass gear but fishing with a cane pole when I was a kid was such a blast.

Yep Granny, I'm the same way, got lots of money tied up in fishing gear, but by god, I can skip barefoot down to the pond with a simple cane pole and pull Bluegills or Crappies all day and be just as happy.  I sure miss that old cane pole of his.  I don't know whatever happened to it.  Sure wish I hadn't been so stupid when I was younger.  The impertinence of youth I guess.

If it helps any we were all stupid when we were younger and didn't appreciate what the old folks had or what they had to tell us and when we figure it out it's too late. Guess it's just part of todays world.

John Doe:
I know this is an old thread but heck ya I like panfish fishing.
I have bluegill & smallmouth in the canal behind my house.
I treat it as a viable part of my food preps :)

Caught this guy about two years ago at the family property up in Wisconsin... he's almost 10"


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