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Interesting article about a "Paleolithic Diet" lifestyle...

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Worth reading...

If TSHTF, this is how we'll wind up eating anyway, for the most part. Maybe a good idea to get a jump on things. After all, you can only store so many Twinkies and Slim Jims!

Also, sign up at the guy's website if you're interested in updates, it's at the end of the article.

It makes sense. Our bodies were designed a certain way, and modern man consistently goes against that design (like sandwiches....which I love.)  :D

I've done it, and variations on it. I lost weight, but I found life without beer to be less than, uh, fulfilling.

I wonder if those yuppies will follow their paleolithic ancestors and die at an early age. The long term effects of a diet like that are unknown in old age, as paleolithic man died at a comparatively young age, about 30. i wonder if they take turns chasing each other around and living in squalid conditions. Probably not.

My eating habits are very similar to a paleo diet, and I have dropped considerable weight with better energy. I don't eat potatoes or bread, and rarely eat rice. INstead, salads, turnips, cauliflower, and other vegtables, lots of lean meat. Unlike the paleo, I do consume dairy. 


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