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Primitive Skills & Earth Skills classes in the Houston TX area?

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ridge rover:   I think he's in Houston. He's a mod on the Ritter forum and posts some on the Hoodlum forum. Seems like a nice guy. I respect him!

He may even be here from time to time!

Not sure if you are still monitoring this thread, but I plan on going to this in August.

They have it every month.  When I go, I will find out if there is any benefit to going at different times of the year due to different plants being available. 

The last two were about the same guy. I have been a a few of his plant walks an he is a very knowledgeable and a great instructor, I  call him a friend.  I am not sure if he is a member of this forum, but he is over at the Hoodlums

Its a little north of you in Fort Smith Ark, but Sigma 3 has a great primitive skills program culminating in a 5 day knife only course to really test yourself, all lead by quality instructors. They have many other classes as well including wilderness medic, plant walks 3 times a year so you can see the plants in all stages of growth and more. Check them out.

Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen (Merriwether) does the wild edible class at the Arboretum and does a great job. His site below is a great resource for wild edibles in the Houston/Texas area.  I highly recommend the class.
Wild edibles is the one area that I think you absolutely have to have training in person for. YouTube videos won't get it.


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