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Primitive Skills & Earth Skills classes in the Houston TX area?

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Gray Ghost:
Does anyone know of anyone teaching Primitive Skills/Eath Skills around the Houston TX area? It's one thing to read about all this stuff. I am really looking for a teacher/mentor.

A friend of mine is working on getting something together that will be half knife fighting half wilderness survival weekend seminar in the Houston area. Timing will depend on land availability and schedules of the instructors. I will post a website link when details are arranged for those that are interested.

Gray Ghost:
Hey, post it when you get it.

T.R. Zimmermann has been giving wild edible classes in the area for a number of years.  I have gone on plant walks with him ans he is increatablely knowledgeable. His background is in ethno-botany. Mister Zimmerman is not in the best health these days and cannot get around as well. So I am not sure if he is still giving classed.  A brief search came up empty, so I am not sure if he is giving classes anymore. If you cane get in on one of his classes, it might not cover everything you want, but it is a step.

I'll try more info and post it here

If you're still interested Gray Ghost, I'm willing to teach a bit in the Houston area...looking around for some wooded acreage that would be suitable to do something now that the weather is starting to cool off me if you like and we can chat about it...I can tell you about my background and see what you are most interested


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