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If at least 2 of the following apply to you, keep reading: I like paracord. I like to make things. I like weird hobbies. I like to throw things long distances at high velocity.

It really wasn't until I started making things with cordage (lanyards, bracelets, dog collars, etc) and tying knots that I became interested in the sling. At first, it was more a challenge to learn some knots, work on braiding and weaving. After a few side arm tosses around the back yard, I was hooked.

While not as effective a weapon as, say a Glock 19, it is far cheaper and can be practiced in your living room, back yard or city park. Even a fairly complex sling will cost under $1, weighs next to nothing and fits in your pocket. Ammo is free and plentiful. A few bootlaces and a rectangle of denim make an ideal tennis ball launcher for the BLD (black lab dog).

My current favorite is a 30" (from pouch to release knot), made entirely of 550 cord. This has a woven pouch, and is started with a 5 strand sheepshank. Perfect for golf balls. (be careful / responsible) For indoor practice, a 16" version of braided cotton butcher's twine allows gentle tosses with a ping pong ball, wadded paper or hackey sack.

Make a basic sling, put it in your pocket. Find a pond or tree to huck rocks at... you may be surprised how much satisfaction you can get by flinging a stone. Plus, you get to use words like balearic (good mediterranean slingers), glandes (clay or lead projectiles) and fustibalus (staff sling).

For more info and expertise, there are a ton of youtube videos out there and has some nice how-to articles (no affiliation) - stormdrane has a 3 strand sheepshank version on his blog. You may also refence Roman coins, Egyptian murals and the bible for more information on sling use and efficacy.

Looky here, & here.

Lots of us like to tinker with cordage, paracord & what-not.

Nice topic. I used to mess with slings as a kid. One of many things I wish I had kept up on.


I have been tasked to maintaining and operating the weapons ranges for the Montana Army National Guard this summer, and while I sit and watch thousands and thousands of bullets get shot downrange, I have been passing the time by practicing my slinging. It must be amusing to onlookers who see a battalion of soldiers firing some of the most advanced weapons in the US arsenal, and then me off to the side with my leather sling, hurling rocks at empty MRE boxes -- what a sight I must be!!

I made a new sling out of braintanned deer hide and braided hemp twine. Works great, but I'm starting to think that I am one of those slingers who prefers shorter slings. Is this common? Or do most people prefer longer slings?


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