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The image is now hosted here,

Ya'll can use it as you see fit!

This came from the logo discussion, and I thought I'd bring it up here.  What about the ant in some sort of logo/icon/mascot?  Maybe an ant with a BOB?  It was mentioned on the logo thread, and I think it's a great idea.  Anyone who's listened to the podcasts would get it, and it would be a good conversation starter for the philosophy of preparedness.  I'd submit something, but my artistic skills are nil.  Just a thought. 

You could also use the new Logo for the Podcast. I use iTunes to download and listen on my iPod Touch,
it would be nice to see, lets say logo F on it, then that default blank screen.
If someone said this already, sry, still on my first cup of coffee this morning.

Good idea!  If you hit the center button twice on songs, it shows the cover art.  I think the same thing applies to the podcasts.

What player do you use, on the Touch, Album Art is default on all Music and Podcasts.


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