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Jim baker selling silver solution for coronavirus

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Adam Campbell:
Damn. I ran out of money to buy colloidal silver from a convicted religious fraudster because I spent all my money on Alex Jones survival seed banks, snake oil, and big dick pills from the InfoWars store :-(

I always thought he would make a good snake oil salesman.


--- Quote from: surfivor on March 12, 2020, 05:22:47 PM ---I can’t find any heavy go to websites with a basic search that say that collidial silver doesn’t work. You can find it in all kinds of stores

--- End quote ---

You have it backwards.  You are supposed to have less trust in health solutions if there are not heavy, independent from the seller, websites saying that it works.  A dearth of websites proving it doesn't work means little.


--- Quote from: surfivor on March 12, 2020, 05:22:47 PM ---I can’t find any heavy go to websites with a basic search that say that collidial silver doesn’t work. You can find it in all kinds of stores

The main criticism of it seems to be you can turn blue if you invest too much over time but that seems like it must be a high amount that most people would never do

--- End quote ---

I think you should just look into a few herbal remedies for symptom relief and immune support.  The biggest problem is this guy was trying to say colloidal silver is some cure for this disease, and it is not.  And, nothing is in that respect, although you can get help and relief, most likely, from various herbs, nobody should be claiming a "cure" or one special item !  Even as far as herbs, there are many herbs that would be helpful, usually what one does is figure out which ones are growing in your area, and other things to take care of yourself.  SOmeone making money off of one product is always a red flag.

That said, my household has had good results using coloidal silver topically, very good results.  Not a cure.


This is an interesting article with many other details besides what I have copied


The Greeks used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh. The writings of Herodotus, the Greek philosopher, and historian, date the use of silver before the birth of Christ.
The Roman Empire stored wine in silver urns to prevent spoilage.
The use of silver is mentioned in ancient Egyptian writings.
In the Middle Ages, silverware protected the wealthy from the full brunt of the plague.
Before the advent of modern germicides and antibiotics, it was known that disease-causing pathogens could not survive in the presence of silver. Consequently, silver was used in dishware, drinking vessels, and eating utensils.
In particular, the wealthy stored and ate their food from silver vessels to keep bacteria from growing.
The Chinese emperors and their courts ate with silver chopsticks.
The Druids have left evidence of their use of silver.
Settlers in the Australian outback suspend silverware in their water tanks to retard spoilage.
Pioneers trekking across the American West found that if they placed silver or copper coins in their casks of drinking water, it kept the water safe from bacteria, algae, etc.
All along the frontier, silver dollars were put in milk to keep it fresh. Some of us remember our grandparents doing the same.
Silver leaf was used to combat infection in wounds sustained by troops during World War I.
Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, Colloidal Silver was used widely in hospitals and has been known as a bactericide for at least 1200 years.
In the early 1800s, doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds with very successful results.
In Ayurvedic medicine, silver is used in small amounts as a tonic, elixir or rejuvenating agent for patients debilitated by age or disease.


According to experts, no microorganism ever tested has been able to stay alive for more than six minutes when exposed directly to colloidal silver.

Science Digest cites colloidal silver as “…a wonder of modern medicine,” and further states “Antibiotics kill perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic. Colloidal silver, used as an anti-microbial agent, will not create superbugs as antibiotics do.”


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