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Flu-Proof Dust Masks or Respirator?

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Heavy G:
I am heeding Jack's warnings about a flu pandemic.  He suggested getting disposable dust masks.  Any thoughts out there on the kind to get?  I don't want to get some basic dust masks that don't screen out bird flu particles; but I don't want to go nuts and buy some totally expensive stuff that's overkill.  Is there a normal kind of dust mask that will work?

What about a respirator mask?  Good idea or overkill?


A good read for you can be found here:

Heavy G:
Thanks, my brother.

I've just been looking into masks and respirators - it would appear that surgical masks or dust masks won't really do the job if you're in close contact with infectious people or animals. It looks like a mask of FFP 2 or 3 is necessary.
These are the best I've found so far but they aren't cheap.
Cheers - Jon

For us beard owners, none of them are perfect solutions.  N95 and several N100 are stocked in the Millerized larder, but a full shaving would have to happen to get the most benefit.  That'll be a cold day in hell when I shave it off completely :'(. 

When it comes down to it, they're just possible preventative measures.  Only thing you can do to completely prevent contracting it is to stay as far away from the sources as you can, and even then it's not a guarantee.


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