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Going on vacation, need a cheap knife I can throw away

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good idea with the gerber eab. I do love having my gerber eab with me, in fact i've replaced it 3 times since i keep loosing the damn thing. keeping it in my front pocket means it falls out, finally found a good used .38 cartridge belt carrier that it fits good enough until I get the supplies to make a better one.

but the mora is a good idea also. hmm, i'll have to consider that the next time i fly.

 You need a knife for self protection, general use, working with wood, camping, cleaning fish, all of the above ?

I lost my tiny little knife coming back from Idaho, I left it in my carry on by mistake .. I got it at EMS

 I think the easiest way to make a knife is using a file and some antlers but I have never tried it, I just read about it .. I think antlers are hard but easy enough to file. You can make arrow heads from them also


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