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The Primary Role of The Survival Podcast Forums
« on: June 01, 2009, 04:52:22 PM »
First and foremost, these forums are to be used as an adjunct to The Survival Podcast show that Jack conducts.

These boards are not primarily political debate boards, & the TSP forums are not primarily political forums.  Political discussion is a small part of what these forums are for.  Primarily we are a preparedness site, the forums are a place for new folks to come to glean information pertaining to modern survivalism.  These forums are not a venue for some to push their political agenda.  

If you want to contribute to the forums then you need to be familiar with The Survival Podcast show.  If you haven't listened to, or downloaded the show then we ask that you do that before contributing to the forums.  

As of 06/01/09 the Day to Day Political News & the Patriotism and the New Revolution Boards will require a minimum post count to gain access.  We've done this in an effort to ensure that the people who visit the TSP forums are indeed interested in contributing to the modern survivalist philosophy as discussed on these forums.  

Because this site is primarily a preparedness site & not a political discussion board, we've done this in an attempt to maintain the focus & community feel of these forums.

If you're visiting the TSP forums for reasons other than contributing to, learning from, or because of a general interest in modern survivalism then we recommend that you go elsewhere.  If you're here to primarily discuss politics or to push a specific political agenda, then we seriously recommend you seek your argument fix elsewhere.  

The Administrators & Moderators of this site reserve the right to restrict access of any member to any part of the board at any time for any reason.  If a member does not contribute to the preparedness forums on this board in some manner & is interested in only political debate, the member may find their access to this site seriously restricted.

Any topics that fall within either of these categories that a member posts outside of the appropriate board will be locked & removed.  If you don't have the required posts to access these boards there is no point in moving the thread as you wouldn't be able to take part in the discussion after it was moved.

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