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Knife Rights article


Knife Rights, the fight against frivolous and capricious laws regarding knives.  Interestingly, the fight for knife rights has not only gained momentum, it has garnered an shocking amount of support from Democrats.  It seems to show that a certain amount of the gun debate has taken on a life of its own.  Remove the gun bugaboo and some Dems get a lot more reasonable.  Remove the word "gun" and some Republicans don't show the awareness that its the same principle with a different implement, all they know is that if they tilt against guns they are in trouble.

Mr. Bill:
Interesting.  This article focuses on pocket knives, which I agree should be legal -- but the Washington State Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that they are not covered by the 2nd Amendment specifically because they are not "arms".  The implication was that swords and huge knives might have 2nd Amendment protection, but they didn't rule on that.  We have a previous thread on this: Seattle can prohibit carrying a kitchen knife, but swords might be OK


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