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Stihl Axe Interesting

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spotted this at the hardware store. Around 40 bucks

Decent profile and edge out of box. 120 thick 3/8 inward

Looks good.

Yep. Interesting fat poll fatter then my calabria boys axe, decent taper, and edge out of box. Might pick one up.

Be careful if you are not the type that can make your own handles. This handle, like the Bahco axe, is not North American standard and is very hard to find. Most NA made handles are more tear drop shape than the Bahco oval or the flat D Stihl handle.

From what I've been reading, the Husqvarna axes are better quality and likely come from the same place as Granfors Bruks axes. I need to visit the local husky dealer again to see if they have any in stock.

I've been buying old american made ax/hatchet heads and putting new handles in them.


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