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Hey Folks!
I don't see a lot on here about Axes. Maybe I missed something.
I know a bit about Axes and their uses. I'm not an expert but I believe I can help anyone who has questions about Axes.
Let me know how I can help.

I would like to know what types and brands of axes to keep an eye out for, on the used market.  I frequent garage and estate sales, on the hunt for old woodworking tools, but I don't know what to look for in an axe and/or hatchet.

I would also like to know what to look for at yard sales etc etc.

Further, what would you consider the cheapest axe worth the money?   I recently bought a milsurp tool rack and would like buy an new axe for it.   I don't want something cheap, but also can't reason spending a lot of money.

David in MN:
I have several...

Not a bad idea to get a Wetterling.

Of course I have "cheap" axes as well. Look down the blade to make sure the handle is in line, buy extra handles, re-sand, re-oil...

I've got a throwing axe I'd really like identified so I could buy more from the maker. I'll put up a pic if I remember.

FWIW many axes in my family came from the farm (50+ years old) A file, oil, and time are the only requirements to rehab an old one.

Speaking of axes, I keep seeing splitting mauls pop up when i do a search. Are these really necessary as they seem to cost quite a bit more than a normal ax.


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